very moist & chocolatey steamed huat kuey 超湿润巧克力十足蒸发糕

IMG_6933when i saw this on cookpad, i walked right into the kitchen and made it straightaway… it came out in 20 mins (from preparation to steaming) and i had a piping hot huat kuey for tea
在日本cookpad 网上看见这食谱后,我就立马走进厨房。。。短短的20分钟后,

Recipe adapted and translated from Cookpad

Ingredients (makes six 7cm size steamed cakes)
*green fonts indicate my modifications

❤ 70g rice flour
❤ 30g cocoa powder
❤ 50g sugar
❤ 1 tsp baking powder
130ml soy milk (i used milk)
30g chocolate chips
(i used mini chocolate chips)

食材 (可做6个直径7厘米的小发糕)

❤ 粘米粉70克
❤ 可可粉30克
❤ 糖50克
❤ 泡打粉1小匙
豆奶130毫升 (我用了牛奶)


IMG_6923– place all ❤ ingredients into mixer bowl and whisk well, ensuring there are no lumps

– pour in soy milk and blend well before adding in chocolate chips

– pour batter into prepared liners and steam on high heat for 10 mins

– to store, cling wrap cakes after they have cooled

Personal notes/温馨小贴士:

IMG_6931– i filled my liner to the brim and made 4 steamed cakes. my cakes were steamed for 12 mins, and i only removed the lid of the steamer 1 min after cakes are done steaming

IMG_6924ultra satisfied with these

Pollution index: 68 (good)

Categories: Cakes, Gluten free, Steamed cakes

26 replies

  1. 好发哦。。。发啊!!

  2. OMG! Your huat kuehs really huat so nicely! Coincidentally me and my sista was crazy competing making huat kuehs over the weekend too. I made some with fresh orange juice using anncoo’s recipe. Very good too! Will try your choc recipe soon too🙂

  3. Oh, I just like how these steamed huat kuey in “blossom!” So beautiful! Like it like it!

  4. 发的很美叻

  5. 妳不会骗人啦
    我也相信好吃 😄

  6. Look at that…….beautiful blossom steamed cake.

  7. 下午茶时间刚刚到,相信你,那就来2个。。。好吃的超湿润巧克力十足蒸发糕吧!

  8. 真的很发一下。。。漂亮呢!

  9. 火山爆发。。。留一颗,是我的!!

  10. 不是普通的漂亮哦~

  11. 哇哇! 开花的蛋糕, 好漂亮。。。

  12. Very ”Huat” ah!!! haha…this is really a good recipe ya! Bookmarked , thank you very much🙂

  13. So simple to make and pretty! I want to make some too🙂

  14. Oh my goodness, Vic.. your huat kuih looks absolutely marvelous. Soooo FATT ! :o)
    Hope you’re having a fabulous week ahead.
    blessings, kristy

  15. Sounds really easy peasy there. Must try this one out and see if it blossoms as splendidly as yours!

  16. Hi,

    I stumbled upon your site and is amazed at all your artistic creations:-)

    All your huat kuey “blossom” so beautifully that I’m so motivated to make some for coming lunar new year. If I just want to make the original yellow type without cocoa and jam, do I need to adjust other ingredients?

    Wishing you a healthy prosperous year ahead!

    • Hello Amy

      thanks for your lovely compliment. i’d say try using the strawberry HK recipe as a base: but just take out the jam (as it really was for flavouring more than anything else), so i think it should work on its own. in this post, i also showed how the batter should look like (somewhat sticky). if it gets too sticky, u can add a tbsp of milk but i won’t go more than that (apologies, just gut feel)

      please let me know how it goes, and i love to hear how you tweaked your version🙂

      thanks for coming by

      • Hi Victoria,

        Thanks so much for your reply:-)

        I just tried to make huat kuey today (w/ strawberry jam) as CNY is quickly approaching. It was delicious, but unfortunately they didn’t blossom like yours did. Mine came out looking like regular cupcakes😦 Will perhaps try again this weekend if time permits. Looking forward to trying all your other recipes.

        Wishing you a prosperous healthy year!

  17. Hi Amy, do give it a go again.. It should blossom very nicely as long as you blast your fire. Do remember huat kuey needs high heat to blossom. Also, fill the batter right to the brim, not half way.. All these should do the trick. Oh and one last thing, the batter has to be very thick..

    You have a very good CNY too🙂

  18. Hi, can i replace coco powder with milo powder?

  19. Wow, so beautiful, thanks for sharing


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