chocolate mochi 特浓朱古力 mochi (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*

espesso chocolate mochi

i cannot get enough of mochi~s… they are so delicious and easy to make….

Original recipe adapted from 第一次做Mochi by Fiona Fong


15g flour
25g glutinous rice flour
25g rice flour
10g cocoa powder
30g caster sugar
135g milk
2 tbsp shortening/butter
2 tbsp condensed milk

Chocolate filling
200g chocolate (58%)
150g whipping cream
10g butter


espresso chocolate mochi

– Dough: mix all ingredients in a mixing bowl and pour into a container. It will be of sticky-liquid consistency. Place into steamer and steam for 5-10 mins over high heat until it solidifies
– take dough out and allow to cool. If you can, try to punch and knead the dough whilst it’s hot till it becomes a smooth and elastic dough
– transfer to refrigerator to chill for 1-2 hours
– Meantime prepare filling. pour whipping cream and softened butter into melted chocolate. mix well and let it sit under room temperature for 25-30mins
– remove dough from refrigerator. If it is still very sticky after chilling, add flour as needed to achieve desired consistency
– divide dough into 30g per portion, and flatten dough into a disc. Dust an ice-cream scoop with cornstarch and place dough into scoop
– place  25g of filling, and wrap dough. Seal seams
– transfer to refrigerator and chill for 20-30mins before serving

Personal notes:

espresso chocolate mochi

– i made another portion of plain mochi (recipe can be found here) and coloured them with a bit of orange food colouring powder. i rolled out a small portion and cut out circles using a normal piping tip. these are fixed to the face, and ears of the teddy bear
– teddy bear’s expressions are piped using melted white and dark chocolate

espresso chocolate kochiかわいいょ о(ж>▽<)y ☆

espresso chocolate mochi

I am linking this to Cook Your Books #5 hosted by Joyce from Kitchen Flavours.

cook your books

Pollution index: 295 (heavily polluted)

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14 replies

  1. 哇!这也太可爱了吧

  2. 啊!!尖叫ING…

  3. 我感觉你的生活很色彩,我喜欢!

  4. 怎么。。怎么这么可爱, 这是用来吃的吗? 嘻嘻

  5. Hi Victoria,
    Your adorable mochi looks too cute to be eaten!
    Love it! My daughter loves mochi, perhaps one day I will surprise her with it!
    Thanks for linking to CYB!

  6. Oh, these are so cute…..I never made mochi before. Wish I can learn from you. I got to show this post to my sister.

  7. Vic,
    This are so adorable.
    I love mochi too:D

  8. Victoria, you’re always so creative! These look too cute to be eaten😀

  9. 又来了x2…..可爱到不舍得吃涅!

  10. omg this is so cute! and u said it’s easy to make – that intrigued me! hope I can make as nice as yours🙂
    u take care, pollution index is pretty bad!

  11. Oh wow these are so cute! You are very talented to be able to make such adorable mocha.

  12. 原来Mochi 可以这么活泼可爱的!

  13. Everything came out from your kitchen looks so cute! Great skills you have! Very impress with your mochi!

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