mini croissants 迷你牛角包 ꒰ღ˘‿˘ற꒱❤⃛

mini croissantswinter seem to be arriving much earlier than it supposed to have.. it’s so chilly… plus central heating has not come on… so the average room temperature, is 5 degrees C… ꒰⌯͒•ɷ•⌯͒꒱ brrrrrrr…. this is the best weather to make anything laminated dough…

Recipe adapted and translated from Jenny’s Delicacy (further adapted from Alex Goh’s The World of Bread)

Ingredients (makes 16 normal sized croissants or 32 mini croissants)

mini croissants

210g bread flour
90g all purpose flour
30g caster sugar
1tsp salt
15g milk powder
2 tsp instant dry yeast
180ml cold water
45g unsalted butter, softened

120g pastry margarine


mini croissants

- prepare dough by kneading all ingredients together (except butter)
- add butter when dough comes together and knead till you achieve window pane stage
- roll dough out into a long rectangle, wrap with cling wrap, and chill for 1 hour
- after chilling, place pastry margarine into middle of dough, and pull 4 corners of dough together to wrap the margarine in the middle. seal seams
- gently flatten the dough with your palm, and then with the help of rolling pin, roll dough out into a long rectangle till it is 10mm in thickness. fold up  in thirds like an envelope. turn dough 90 degrees, and repeat the same process once more
- cling wrap dough and chill in fridge for 20 mins
repeat the above process once more, and chill dough for another 30 mins
- remove dough from fridge, and roll it out into 5mm thickness. cut triangles from the dough; and then on each triangle, cut a 1cm slit in the middle of the base of the triangle. roll and shape croissant from base of triangle to the tip
- place croissants in ven to proof for an hour
- 15 mins before the hour, remove croissants from oven and preheat oven to 200 degrees C. brush croissants with egg wash
- bake croissants for 12-15 mins (depending on size of your croissants)

Personal notes:

mini croissants- i flatten my pastry margarine between 2 pieces of cling wrap and gently hitting it with rolling pin
- pastry margarine was flattened into a 15 x 15cm square, and my dough was shaped into a 30 x 30 cm square. the pastry margarine is then placed in the middle (of the dough) such that each corner of the pastry margarine is pointing to the centre of each side of the dough
- the base of my croissants are 5cm in width
- my croissants are baked for 12 minutes

mini croissantsbreakfast breakfast breakfast ٩꒰。•‿•。꒱۶

Pollution index: lovely day in Tokyo

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12 replies

  1. 胖嘟嘟的牛角包,可爱!

    • 5555555….因为因为哈。。。全部都是送人滴。。。然后。。。偶要切开一半,另一半又没人吃。。偶。。。偶。。。纠结了好久。。。55555。。。。偶错了。。。拉耳朵

  2. Hi Victoria,
    You’ve made your own croissants! Fantastic! This has been on my list of to do for ages, I even bought the pastry margarine, yikes… got to check on the expiry date!!
    Your croissants look wonderful! I love eating croissants with a cup of hot black coffee, oh my, I’m drooling just thinking about it! Haha!
    Pass me some please! And for the cold weather, wish we could exchange weather for a couple of days!!! :)

  3. 啊~~这个对我来说有些高难度

  4. hi Victoria
    Croissant is the one that I might not dare to try out as I think it is quite tedious step to follow; butter, rolling, folding left, folding right…. and..and…I salute you for making it! It look so petite gorgeous….and it looks like “gasing”. When weather turning cold, it is good to make puff pastry, short crust pastry or even shortbread too. Keep yourself warm!

  5. Hi Vic,
    This is my favorite. Have been wanting to make this but keep on delaying :p Yours are prefectly made. So cute some more!

  6. Hi VB, your croissants look so chubby & cute. I would like to have it for my breakfast.

  7. 偶。。偶。。还是不敢挑战。。

  8. Wow … you make your own croissants? So well done and they look so cute.

  9. OMG Vic, this looks amazing!! love it!!

  10. 这个可以在地上旋转的迷你牛角包,太美了吧~ 爱死了…

  11. Victoria~~ 叠得很棒的层层面包~~

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