sumo wrestler flat buns O( `_´)乂(`_´ )O

sumo wrestler flat buns

and my 哈日continues with the sumo wrestler… hmmmm… what is the phrase for 哈日 in English? (?・・)σ

this time, i am making flat buns, using the water roux method

Dough recipe adapted from Shirley@Køkken


A. Water Roux
Bread flour           100g
Water                    500g

Bread flour            228g
Plain flour             60g
Dried Yeast          6g
Castor sugar         30g
Salt                       3g

Milk                     120g
Egg                      30g
A (Water Roux)   72g

Unsalted butter     30g

Raw sugar black bean paste (奶油乌豆沙)


sumo wrestler flat bunsA. Water Roux
– Mix flour and water in a saucepan and stir well with a whisk. Heat up the mixture in the saucepan gradually until temperature reaches 65 C , stirring all the time
– Remove the mixture from heat and continue stirring until water roux thicken. Stirring lines should be visible in the water roux.

– In a mixing bowl, mix B (except for salt) and C (except for water roux) and mix with a dough hook until the dough gathers to form a ball
– Add Water Roux from C. Continue mixing until dough gathers together. Add the salt from B
– Add butter and continue kneading for 15-20 mins on medium speed. The dough should no longer stick onto the wall of the mixing bowl. It should not be tacky when you tap on it with your fingers. Window pane test can be performed now by stretching the dough to form a thin pane. The stretched pane should not break. Add in cranberries at this stage
– Gather the dough and roll it into a ball and let it proof in a lightly oiled bowl for 40mins at room temperature
– Knead the dough slightly on a lightly floured board. Portion the dough into 40g portions. Roll each portion into a small ball and let it proof for 10mins
– Flatten each dough and scoop about 20-25g of cream cheese filling and seal the dough to form a round bun
– Place (6) on a lined baking pan and place another baking sheet over it. Proof the dough for 30mins
– Bake (6) together with baking sheet on top at 170C for 20mins. Cool down

Personal notes:

sumo wrestler flat buns- i used 20g of filling for each bun
– after 20mins into second proofing, i drew sumo image by mixing a scant tsp of dark cocoa powder with 1 egg yolk. all other buns continue to proof under a baking sheet
– after drawing, line a piece of parchment paper carefully on top of buns, followed by a baking sheet. be careful not to move the parchment paper to avoid imprinting the “paint” onto other parts of the buns

sumo wrestler flat buns

がんばってください ๏[-ิ_•ิ]๏

Pollution index: 269 (heavily polluted)


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7 replies

  1. 做么你这样厉害的,每次都做这么可爱的东西,我很想学叻!不过有的笨哦1不知道你要不要教我,嘻嘻~

  2. 就如Angie说的, 怎么你这么厉害做这些cutecute 的小东西, 我也想学叻!

  3. Hee..hee…hee…I love these sumo buns!

  4. So cute, can i have one sumo bun please :)

  5. Hi Vic,
    Love your Sumo buns. They are so cute.

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